Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I hope you understand

Dear parents

Pondering over the situation for a while, I have finally something I want you guys to know and more importantly acknowledge. I know you would want me to walk both sides but I can’t, I can’t now. I hope you understand.
The moment I stepped in this institute, you rejoiced, shaped unconditional dreams for me and felt contended. I was assured of a secured future. The college was to offer me a life I had always desired of. I am sorry but I am tired now. Today I just want to be myself. No, I don’t want to run away, I want to wake up.
You wanted me to be an engineer, I promise I ll be one, a successful one but I want to be satisfied first. I really want to learn. I want to see myself expand. I want to grow. I want to study for the purpose of studying. You must be wondering what is it that is compelling me to question this present state. Well, walking along the curriculum followed here is getting difficult for me each passing day. I don’t want to race around marks. Sitting with a few shimmering numbers in my pocket and no real learning does not interest me. This is the only kind of knowledge promoted here and I want to break free. I knew the marks awarded do contribute but everything smashed when I wrote the papers with the knowledge I had. They want something I call rote learning. I don’t want my mind to limit it’s horizons. I don’t want marks this way, I want experiences with my learning.
I know you may find it all messed up. I remember you Dad looking at that board adorned with the names of toppers, the first time we arrived here, and then turning those gleeful eyes full of hope and pride towards me. And mom I do remember your words too , “my daughter’s a winner”. Believe me I am not lost, if this is what you are thinking, in fact I have never felt as positive before. You will see me at the top, and much higher than you ever imagined. All I want from you is to have faith in me. 
This unusual way may result in utter disappointments but trust me, the destiny is only in my hands. Have no fear, for your daughter is strong enough to take failures in her stride. My dreams are my life, and I want you people to be a part of my life..

The day is not so far  !!!

With love
Your daughter 


Harish said...

very nice yar....the thoughts r really close to heart n inspiring....
really have the same feel bt don't know how to say some one or how to explain.....
thanxs a lot yar.... :) :)

Jasmine Gambhir said...

nice post again.
nice blog, in fact.

chanu : incarnation of china to a divine land said...

mast yrr...... OB m no. to ache h!!! :D