Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Departing Bride

                             As those tears adorned her cheeks, drop by drop,
                                    she rose to the pinnacle of her beauty.
                              Embellished with all the golds and all the silvers,
                                   yet only the pain marked her grandeur.
                               All the harmonies and all the music is fading,
                                  only euphony of her tears favours the ears.

                                 Can i hear the unsaid words of that bride?

                               The night looks heavy, she will remember it,
                                       she is shivering, did anyone see?
                               Somewhere inside she wants the time to stop,
                                       she is afraid, did anyone know?
                              Everything's here changed,everybody changed,
                                           everything's there strange.

                              Can i feel the concealed feelings of that bride?

                                  The memories are running past away her,
                                       and the good things going unusual.
                                Perturbed she looks back at the things she did,
                                       knows she never belonged to them.
                                 Someone's awaiting to take her around new,
                                       now,for they say her future's there.

                               Can i give answers to the questions of that bride?

                                 The possibilites of the fate driving her incense,
                                            as is afraid of being caged.
                                Suffocated as she is, not with the precious gems,
                                          but the aloofness accompanied.
                                 What if that someone leads her to the endings,
                                         not to new beginnings as expected.

                               Can i console the fears of that departing bride?



lorely said...

Suffocated with true that is of tough to be real these divulge our feelings...I respect your words...Hello from across the sea.....

Monika said...

Hi, thank you so much for taking out time to read my stuff..and moreover appreciating it..