Thursday, March 31, 2011

Down Memory Lane

I walk under the sky, but where are the stars,
do you see,
the innocent glances are now left behind,
Before the nights dawn, why do I see a repulsive
dark breeding clandestinely?
I don’t want to mend this heart, we have learnt
living sucking, leeching, swindling.
When the breeze intimates with me, why do I just feel a
satanic air of betrayal,
why do I only feel acidic voices corroding me?
Am I black hearted now?

Has anyone seen my doll, she is in tears,
lost, dewy eyed, finding course in oblivion,
the blue eyes sourly defeated by a swine.

There were times when I was beautiful and when
I used to sing,
And times when we were beautiful.

We only camouflaged while playing hide and seek and
he was my enemy only when my doll
loved him more.
The violin used to listen to my melancholy and when
it would play ecstasy to vibrant my moods
I want to be beautiful again.

I still remember how all meaningless words turned
into wrangling swords
and how big money took my violin and stole my doll,
ripped off the dreams and robbed my innocence.

Everything’s gone but hope,

May be the doll breaks the anonymity,
May be the violin lives its life again,
May be the stars lit the gloomy night,
May be I turn beautiful again

1 comment:

lorely said...

You are not black hearted...the loss of innocence is something that hits a chord with all of the the words...keep writing...