Friday, March 11, 2011


Still unsatisfied, trailing backwards, I no longer
belong to you
The bells may be ringing, calling out for the miracles
but no twists leaving, no smile fuelling
I can no longer bear this endless crucifixion
Immersed in the ends, consumed by your hunger
I wont know, I dont want to watch you grow
By this far, your shadows throw me apart
just let me shed this worn out mind
Those silver streams wont flow again
Those nights wont live again
for I believe that I cant believe
My presence fears the warm embrace you will
never offer
and I no longer encumber the happening
This mist is engulfing the dead out of me
I plead to rest in peace
Let me live untamed
I cant take you anymore
This road, aint no relief, but i am loving the
cold mystical darkness
my silence sings in a pandemonium
Your promise says you ll set me free
so let go of this burning ache
I ll cover miles not to see you again
I ll wear time not to motion me again
Live your pride, surge on your reasons
I dont care, still unsatisfied, will trail forward, for I
no longer belong to you 



lorely said...

Beautifully written and beautiful silence sings in a pandemonium...I like that!

Monika said...

Thanks :)

Abhishek Gupta said...

Really nice. Glad someone don't care. :)

Dev Arora said...

Indifference doesn't suit you.

Your best so far.

Monika said...

Best...Yet to come!! :D