Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The tender branches extended a tranquil poetry and
blessed the wicked walks;
I stood there, rooted as a transition began,
awed at the shimmering rays intertwining the streams,
yielding my long lost spring.

The sands rising with its songs,
when leaves do not wither;
no sundering and the bright blue sky prospers.
Amazed at the essence of clear crystals and heavens,
hailing a cry to break away.

How the twilight keenly meditates,
and how the moon enjoys an artful smile;
I find the greatest truths when that drop on a petal,
melts itself in the waters,
embracing all new shorelines.

How the dawn streaks and caress the sun,and,
see the morning lends a majestic meaning when a bird
sings to wake me up.
Astounded at the perfect tincture binding an extravagance,
bestowing a life full of colors.

All the stories reincarnated into a lasting triumph;
as this sweet honey drips to my buds, dropping
an eternal moment of pleasure.
Still I stood, capturing every unsullied scenery,
yielding my long lost spring.

1 comment:

Priyanka said...

The lines "I find the greatest truth when that drop on the petal melts in the waters" are beautiful.. how things come to an end and how new beginnings take place are depicted so nicely.