Sunday, April 17, 2011


The beats paused, as you looked into my eyes,
like the breeze is floating with a new life,
You are there but I can’t believe.
Don’t move away, just hear my music,
You are my life.
Walk in my thoughts, I think about you,
It seemed I want to live one moment more as,
your heart kissed mine.
Just stay here, read my eyes, love me,
You are my life.
O’ dearest one, I won’t let tears find your path,
With every sound, you will find me,
always next to you.
Don’t get up, I shall bring love to you,
You are my life.
Let the days fall and let the nights pass,
let these journeys stop here,
Dream with me, we will hold hands forever.
Live in me, don’t leave this time,
You are my life

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