Friday, May 20, 2011

I will still battle..

Life’s hard, has always been, and in its most precise temperament, will always be. Long roads, forbidden places, mindless peregrinations – none but a gypsy’s tiring journey. Somehow, something will fall and halt your reign. The design with which the deleterious forces befall is undefined. The way the counterpart of these forces rest is, however not unknown. Like the beginner’s luck- certainly favouring, there is also something,   haphazard, vague, something which tends to be with you, in your hours of misery or in times of utter failure, which makes you battle till the last. This nebulous power will always be with us, but what if we pull it out !

Ruminate over and the disorderly gets eased. Why should you break down when you just need to ponder and realize the real, the immense power awaiting us? How much can you run away after all?
Butchered, yet yearning to define the destinations, this is when something takes control over you, to let you rise to what is called skies.
Life will never show mercy upon us, will not even give the chance to mend the course our way, what all we can do - battle to see the ends, battle forever.

I came across this work of mine dated a few years back, rather when I was in grade nine, I remember (I modified it a little now) and this is the reason of whole philosophy journal today. Hope it inspires you the way it does me!

The drums dilapidated, and we, running out of violins,
I will still throw up my heart, to believe,
the faith can mend the ramshackled glass,
the dreams can get another pass.
When its empty in the roads and our sky is sinking,
I will still struggle the calamity, to see,
how the storm in me brings the pure air,
and how the dark makes the path for a new light.
The colors short lived, the rainbow dies much too soon,
I will still wait for the lost seasons, to listen,
to the songs of bright and lucid times,
when the senses used to walk with sensibilities.
The worlds’ holding their backs towards us, it pains,
I will still run in their directions, to relocate,
the serenity, longing to be discovered again,
search the journey wishing to be traversed again.

When there are no more tries left, we in ruins,
I will still battle for the life, worth trying.

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