Sunday, April 10, 2011


Much amidst bleeding tears and my withered nude,
when the storm robs and
twists its sovereignty,
I am still tempted to master the rule for I believe.

So here I am, with my temptation,
with a perpetual damnation.
Emerging out of ordinary legions,
now will be inscribed a glorious tale.

It rained and rained and rained black rain,
and the acrid clouds sucked my name.
Amused, which stream can slay my feet?
The dark fingers I met on the way,
only tried to slit my vein.
I led them to their frozen sleep for
Unfathomable I am, I believe.

She casted for me, an unstained route,
All that hid was a poisonous fruit.
Spearheaded the struggle of majestic desires,
And who can abolish the abyss?

I went on, went on, went on.

Then the love was ripped and beauty severed,
abandoning my moment to a still watch.
The grief was dressing me, when,
I felt how easy is now to sacrifice
but the destiny is altered by only men, and
I will live as a man, die as a man.

Filthy wounds marred my body,
snared the flesh,
none can beacon my soul, let alone clash.
I ceased the swarm and killed the lust,
Till I reached the nimble crust.

Now I am the conqueror of my reflections,
I am the creator of my creations.
The temptation ruled, charmed, contented,
my soul singing.


lorely said...

I love the line..."spearheading the struggle of majestic desires...beautiful reflection of the first curse...

Priyanka said...

"destiny is altered by only men, I ll live as a man, die as a man" great lines. The poem exactly depicts how, in the way to achieve something, we are encountered with ardent struggle and difficulties, and how we should keep moving on!! nice :)

Abhishek Gupta said...

Really Nice :)