Monday, May 30, 2011


An epitome of life, a mortal living,
searching, striving, seeking
like a man walks, burns and dies,
these candles, volatile shine.

A child, naïve glows in some fear,
as if the water can anytime
bring an end to its inception.
Time flies, set a young man,
on his voyage to the seven seas,
chasing the odds, like a tiger
raw and fierce, racing the wind.
The grey dark out of its black
faces, rises to eat the wisdom,
but, the veteran, strong and
preserving, like a mighty king
shield the ring through light.

Some vibration, a trumpet of end
the old man struggles the breaths

a silver smoke emanates, and
in the gold, I treasure the wax.


Andreas said...

Ah! A whole life seen in a candle. And at the same time just a moment.

Monika said...

Thank you Andreas, I treasure your words.