Wednesday, May 18, 2011

500 days of summer

His world, from tiny droplets of naked blood, fell into my coarse life.  The incontrovertible elements, snowflakes, cautiously extracted leaflets and all the wordings of my reserved days, so effortlessly dwelled in the red and white palms of his hands that I knew, the animal in me would habitat in there, unafraid.  The aura enveloping his unconventional reasons, buried me in him, every time his scent reached to me.

Rains were only tears, but somehow the ill matched, passive alliance belonging to none of us, encompassed both of us. The deep blue, salty water gushing past us, evaded and the clouds accepted their lost partner.

I termed him ‘Dream catcher’.

On the roof, with light glimmering, his naked self was ravenous appetite to me. I ate his inner persona like an insatiable beast. It did not hurt him, I made him alive, immortal, in my arms. These moments, pilfered out of the pits, tranquillized the stormy amalgams of pain and whiteness. Soon, the voracity for his precipitation ripened. He served, not as a cat’s paw, but as words serve the paper, relating to its loneliness, a meaning.

If he was beauty, I was the reflection.

Those 500 days saw a hundreds of seasons.

The redness around averted manoeuvres and ached some eyes, far away from the sky of the birds.
As they say, the time finally arrived. The ‘nemesis putrefied my blood- the greed.  The pernicious trumpets assaulted my home, and turned me into a rogue, a cad, devouring the red flesh.  The forest was impervious to my calls, all I saw were vacuous glances and all I heard were my own sobs.

I deceived him, and now my soul deluded me.  The worlds laughed at me when I laid, scribbling on the sands and the dark water engulfed it , in no moment, the water from the eyes.  It rained and I showered to wash out the greys…             but the unfathomable silence choked my hope.
I was in a desert, a dry place with no ends, no mirage to console, just ominous air and black sun. Should I relinquish…         I disintegrated.

Daring not to look up, I tried hard to forget and silently die but...
…ruffling in my hair,     I felt loved.

The elixir of his truth, and I was reborn. He made me immortal, in his arms. He walked the deserts, cried in voids...              loved me with all.

He is my abode, the habitat of an animal, a madwoman laughing, unafraid.


Jitesh Khurana said...
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Monika said...

So glad to hear from you jitesh. Your words will all be treasured by me. Thanks a lot. :)

Susie Swanson said...

Oh I love this. I was there with you as I read it and it carried me away. Great writing, and so talented..

lorely said...

I hope you find your "dream catcher"...beautifully written Monika.

Jitesh Khurana said...
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