Thursday, June 30, 2011


Imagining what he disagrees upon and what I keep presenting in. I hate bonding with unnecessary people but how do I figure out this unnecessity.
I am a girl, not so old, to be precise in my last teen year, and I need a story. I asked my friends, but before they reach me, the doors get closed. You see, not any goddamn circumstances but I categorize it separately- ego. I hate people leaving behind emotions, in wake of their call, demonic call of ego. I don’t like when I want to go out wild and kill somebody. It’s difficult, you know!
He gives you life sometimes, much needed rehabilitation, psychiatric perhaps but the moment you ask for some personal time, just some time, mere moments of inferior time, he never gets back to you!
I still search for a story and I have no idea how to read its sign- no nothing, not a word!
And I have decided not to go back to that path and search what I missed last time but some destinations are irresistible, its insanely irresistible, if only..

I just needed your beginning, some words, it is! Sad, you failed !
In the end, I like talking to myself!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Let's start with, Once upon a time...

Cliched? :)

Monika said...

Making a note! may be next time! :) LOL