Thursday, June 23, 2011

I appreciate the sarcasm ( I )

First time, and her sight shook me hard
all wise sub urban folks staring at me
when I got out in air, from her house
dreaming, like a drunkard dog

roving around barking his own song
but I like this tail of mine, waging
wildly as she plays with my whiskers
pulling and ditching her nails in there.

Her house, they call a prohibition as you
know my dad is a reputable man but
what do a thankless lad asks for- its
fellowship? No a bottle of whiskey will be

a genuine taste for his companionship
and they call me this thankless lad,
so here I am, sipping the droplets of
hot poison around me, and everyday.

It’s been a while since she came into
real, the mirages are biting and eating
into my mind. The heart needs more than
living in the mirror with her reflections,

I read his eyes. Excuse me for your delay
but she’s out of appointments, my very
reasonable answer to his broad questions
but he makes me want to lie and cry.

She’s got a phone and I think I know
her call but when I get her, I hear some
gasping, in ecstasy, like a fair where
all the dopers collide and run merry

out of some drug, drug like a woman
but it lacks her sharp voice, provocative
even at miles. I wish its bringing off and
time makes me only stare at it, sarcastically.


richard said...

Very good. Great ending, SARCASTICALLY.

Susie Swanson said...

Very good indeed. I love the whole approach to it. You are very gifted and talented...Susie

Monika said...

This is part I, planning to write more, and I wont call it merely a tale, minced into the melody of a poem, rather...umm, look for yourself.

Fireblossom said...

Girl, this is a feast. You have your own unique way of putting things that we all have felt, but you find new dripping-wet words to describe them.

The drunkard dog, the heart needing more than living in the mirror with her reflections, her voice provocative even at miles, all of that is so good.