Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waiting connection

It’s been weeks, rather months
I can’t say - for the seconds ticking by
have a difficult count
but I remember the last day
she held me
when I heard him
and I am still waiting.


Brian Miller said...

you grabbed a lot of feeling and shoved them into few words...the waiting...last moments...nice.

Claudia said...

this speaks to me of not giving up..still "hanging on" - you said much with a few words..enjoyed this..

Fireblossom said...

Ouch. A double dose of the hurt heart.

hedgewitch said...

For some reason this seems to really have the same feel as the broken wires hanging around the phone in the pic, dicontinuous, impossible for it to ever ring again, but still a chair pulled up to it where someone waits and the dust blows over it all in freeze-frame Hitchcockian metaphor. My pleasure to read.

dustus said...

Intriguing in very good ways. There is a sense of panic conveyed which makes the open ending both mysterious and realistic. Awesome.

Susie Swanson said...

This speaks to the heart, another great write and with few words. I love this... Susie

Sean Vessey said...

My favorite kind of verse ~ right to the heart !
Great words "and I am still waiting"

Andreas said...

This is wonderful! A very tight poem with great precision, and yet so much left unsaid, lending it an air of mystery.