Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slight hurts and forever

Slight hurts across the shoulders, hurriedly towards
the devotion preserved somewhere
in the silk, they come and take away it all

when lips fail much like her tests, which tasted
your time, and your sayings, she gets
a final feeling, she can’t explain

I am ploughing the field endlessly, in
search of a child, my child, where I left him to
see him change into a diamond

Hearing him again and my hands fall short
reminds me of a failure, one more, just short
of an end, a final feeling

The bricks go- to pieces, one by one, in your brain
and you pry into the debris, confused,
murdered, what happened

The streets laugh at the shattered house, I am
comfortable watching the thievery, with
the gentle numbness along

A final feeling, to the dreamland, to the surface
And to some heart, nothing’s forever, nothing
except the final feeling....forever



Komal Ali said...

Aaah, so beautifully put.
The final feelings, yes.

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great poem. I love the ending.