Friday, December 2, 2011


They made a bet on the devil’s cards.
They, who are doing good to themselves,
overlooking simple perjury but not
everything ends good.
Like hanging on a silver plate, either way
upside down, they buy into the sulfer.
The peakish, yellow compact powder
veiling the devil’s dark, his face set correct
and ready to make the deals- interim and
die hard permanent.
Mistakes as compiled in books, devoured
beautiful homes and folded good pair of aces
when least expected.
They could never tell its coming, and
the devil’s laid designs surely and hardly
for the commencement. Sulfer burns!
The breath of his speech choked their souls
and this is how they fell.
Sulfer is what the dirty prom conjured up,
he set the bait, they tasted the fall.

1 comment:

Priyanka said...

Gives me chills. A spooky piece but a harsh truth.