Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wholed discoveries

The love of my world says I am indifferent to him. You are hot and warm too, he says. I chuckle but he has gotten me into a pit. Though I have seen a many lives within me, but whenever he puts his hand mildly on me, I feel like a baby, just delivered.
Its been days since we had a silence together. The silent music and the faint breaths, it brings a sense of resonance in our hearts. As he fluctuates, I reach to him and place my cheek against his. The unrest rises and soon it falls. He falls with glee.
I read poetry to him. It’s cheaper than actually going to places but equal pleasure. He gets bored. I am waving to the deep blue sky at dawn and he pulls me away to play with my loose hair. Poets are difficult, weird creatures. I raise a brow and turn. My benign smile acts as a toxic. He likes poetry now.
On the rooftop. I admire the mysteries and he whispers something in dark. There comes a colorful, a dreamful night. We play along running, hiding towards and away from each other.
Near the dusk, I sit in his shed. He enfolds me in his thoughts and I feel absolved.
There is a brisk shine in his eyes. Looking at me like a firm and devoted sage, he asks for a poem.
My tender smile looks indefinite.
Wholeness it is.


Susie Swanson said...

This is so tender and warm.. just lovely..Susie

megharana said...

the simplicity and bliss of the moment can be felt.

lorely said...

Love this..."whenever he puts his hand on me I feel like a baby...just delivered"...I pray you always keep this wholeness.