Friday, June 29, 2012


Bodies may get ravaged or looted in sin but it’s difficult to strike down conscience. Of course until I let you. And I promise to myself I will be only mine. The very realization calms me. The innocence is still walking behind and it will always own me. Even when I will be only an object, there will exist a part divine, which you won’t be able to harm. All I need to do is to run, reach the mountain and bathe in the ripening sunshine which will make me forget everything. The sweet little lemon yellow sun does not go away till I wake up again like a two year old. Unharmed!
 The hundred spheres will circle around me then, protecting me and reciting hymns of promising nimbleness. The whites will uncover my dressing and lay it open in their violet lights. This is my wounds they are scratching away from the core. The pink snow like my sister makes me beautiful again. When the weathered air suddenly enters my mouth, I feel a tooth crackle. I smile and ultimately burst into laughter.  I am mine again.
On my way back, I keep reading these spellings. This book of spellings. Its light headed and makes me feel wise, wiser than the animals. They don’t know spellings. Even the alphabets. Nevermind, they are innocent like me. Innocence pays off! Unharmed!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Three years she grew in sun and shower;
Then Nature said "A lovelier flower
On earth was never sown;
This child I to myself will take;
She shall be mine, and I will make
A lady of my own.


The floating clouds their state shall lend
To her; for her the willow bend;
Nor shall she fail to see
Even in the motions of the storm
Grace that shall mould the maiden's form
By silent sympathy.


Thus Nature spake -The work was done -
How soon my Lucy's race was run!
She died, and left to me
This heath, this calm and quiet scene;
The memory of what has been,
And never more will be.


Musing along the lines you've writ, I could only remember Lucy to fit the scene.

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Monika said...

Thats beautiful, yet again!