Thursday, September 27, 2012


I announced to a plethora of matters-
Dark, black, grey, matterless that,
That my friends, this is only ridiculous
if the auditorium of space remains jaded
as for the cunts out there, it is a matter of redness
and shy pinkness
but what good does it make of,
if the auditorium is not entertained in.

You call upon your wives –
devour them as they mention in science
but I can categorically classify your act
which means something more than wholeness,
maybe it is about that candid chat
you had with the universal Gods
or the fixation of that universal hard disk
which says it wants another big bang
or I assume it is maybe only you devouring
your lovely wife whose robe
you wanted to sulk in
till the time you lose the certainty of the time
which being so starry keeps on floating
and floating,
writing a distinguished, secret piece of a malign history.


Green Speck said...

This was so beautifully carved ... delicate yet strong ... loved it !!!

Minko said...

Intricate web of words, much like the middle-period of a certain Bob Zimmerman. The glorious attraction of words can be a tad too much for thought-spaces.
Brilliant carving of words, and, yet the lines are so full of ideas, that one might get knocked out with surreal upper-cuts.

I'll try following the words...

Monika said...

@Green Speck, I am glad you liked it. Thanks!
@Minko, You're most welcome!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Each time we lay, it was just another unfinished story, with the climax foreboding the impending sense of exhaustion and that there is no break to the cycle until we are broken from this bond of flesh and soul.

An intricate piece, a pleasure read!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Monika said...

Anshul, these bonds are sadly not easy to break but deep somewhere, I wish the end, world's end, universe's end. It will be a moment of pure bliss, trust me.

Minko said...

Thanks, for the welcome note. I don't spin words anymore. Rather, lost the knack. It feels good to be back among the wood of words!