Friday, January 11, 2013

Say you've never been to Rome

Sweet babe, where did the brown sugar go?
Did you bathe in the jar, sayin’ so?

Is that why you look so flavoured?
You sip my coffee under your lips cocoa ripened
Is that why you leave me back and behind?

Sweet honey, where did all the diamonds slip?
I see you docking my heart and screaming prick

Will this get you the Judas kiss?
Catch my gold mine under your ivory knees
I’m sure this will buy your silvery peace.

Chocolate babe, where did my kitty run?
Tell me baby where did my balls spun?

Please girl, find my cat, the bad bad cat
Jagging the couch, playing under your prat
Please babe, baby bring out the brat.

Sweet chocolate, where is my home?
Tell me, please say, you’ve never been to Rome.

For the young gripped in the fear of bad faith. Yes, honey, I've never been to Rome.


Green Speck said...

This is amazing poetry .... brilliant !!!

Vipin said...

its good !! :)