Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The answer to life, universe and everything

The answer to life, universe and everything is the question. For years, in fact for many, many ages, since the beginning probably, all the universes in this world were accustomed to the tradition of finding the answer and thus the question. They say it might end up in a paradox. Like Schrödinger's cat paradox. But they are fools. Stark fools. There have been a couple of couples who knew the answer and thus the question. I happened to know one of them.
During my past living in some land I no longer categorize, the skies mostly used to be dull red with just a fish-bowl full of shimmer. This shimmer used to wince at a certain point of the day and meticulously fill the dull red with a lively energy. There had been myths that the lost queen of the land like Hensel and Gratel was shedding gleam of her skin to find way back to the ultimate blackness. There were no rivers, so steams, only a very old tree which was the only source of water. Yet the land never felt the burning ache of thirst. Coming back to how I made acquaintance with that couple. Once I was out in my ridiculous search of ultimate blackness and during the long and tiring travel through the matterless stars, I ran out of the sun rocks. These sun rocks come directly from the respective sun of your land. Since the sun of our land was a miserly bastard, he never distributed these rocks to the contentment of the minion (to sun, we were minions) even though it had them in plenty. So, when these sun rocks disappeared with me, the lights flickered and finally died off. There I was in blackness. It was dark but nothing when put aside the ultimate blackness. I pushed myself into another matterless star somehow.

Sitting on a matterful congestion of hard air, I was contemplating my fate when I heard a sweet scented voice. Yes, I could make out the scent as the words were being spoken by. I was about to pass out and somebody gripped my head. It was the man. The fuming scent coming from him was alluring as well as perilous. The wife was little on the sickening side. They looked distinguished. And adorable.
You know the path to ultimate blackness? Yes and the answer to the life, universe and everything. Their nod had a brilliant sense of assurance.
There’s nothing like a paradox in this world.
 Just a game of draughts.
All the universes live in perfect coalition, with a minor fuss here and there.
The board keeps re-arranging and thus the universes are made, distorted, made again.

Sometimes, the things which do not make sense make the most sense.


Anonymous said...

well, this might even blow douglas adams and stephen hawkings!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I have a mind for simple things, the complex ones can wait until simplified.
I'd let those universities burn, but there a growl down inside that tells me I'll die before finding the answers if I let them burn.

Minko said...

The last line is what I have been contemplating for some time. Answers, sometime questions, are all that is left of the puzzle. Stability has ruined the game. To be, or not to be, isn't to be the question anymore as the twisted Ophelia is in perfect harmony with the method of madness prescribed the sly prince of Denmark.