Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The smell lingers on..

Such are times for they change lives- altogether. One moment long back, the girl used to write of warmth, some fondness that resided in her. But such is the wheel of destiny, one gets screwed more than the other. The girl lost herself. In the imperturbable woods. In the lonely sky. In some soil which cannot breathe. Such is the fate she succumbed to, such is the crippling world that could not keep one little flower from losing the love.

Inscribing loveless and lifeless scripts do not yield pleasure. It buries the soul all the more. The same way we are ruining lives in false hopes, true lies.

What if I say stop? Look back, look ahead. Or just look inside.  


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Vultures don't stop nibbling at the carcass, why would the dead even care to say no.
The answer and the reason is to not die. Not in the open at least.

Anonymous said...

destiny or fate are for the weak, goals and dreams for cannoneer.