Saturday, October 19, 2013

Under a good-bad sign

Would I find you here, at this strange time of the day? Not that it is late or the night's up to something but this time is strange in its own might.
Would I find you?
I’m the girl with all the answers. Why didn’t I answer you? Perceptible wasn’t it? Such a foolish lass.

I stumble upon the ground like a bouncy ball, hitting ups and downs, strange filmy ups and downs appearing out of nowhere. No mass, no gravity, no force, no inertia, no physics. Sometimes I sink all down to the bottom. I don’t know if its water or some white-grey fluid yet to be discovered. Such harassment of oneself.
You said, “Don’t fade moon”. Did you say that? I hate hallucinations. Being psychedelic, being not – never mattered. But I feel dehydrated. Even in these ever exceeding shore lines. Where would it end?

The good part is I sense warnings. Now I want to see it from inside, in the marrow. Insides of people who always smile like me and who always want to claim death as their personal belonging like me. The drapery in my room is whispering you.  In some redness of the eyes it flashes your name like a blistering piece of over-heated heart. The intent, the cautious intent with which I burn each cell of my skin is the only way to stand hand in hand with you. Would you clasp a sinful arm, handful of tight pleas.

Don’t sign disrespect in the air. I always miss the bad part and that makes me worse than I am. The congenial touch of yours as it appeared on the surface deepened itself to my soul, I don’t know when, failing my sense of time and now un-rooting anything knocks the body.

I wish autumn descends on me soon. The pale glow hides the imperfections and weakens the eyes, accompanying me while I walk under the stars but no cistern echoes and no pipedream evolves.   

I said, “We’re in same circle”. Why didn’t you draw us? I hate this world so seminal.

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