Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some day...

Different sky and a strange breeze
We wait
We hate
The creepiness of these different time zones
Far away, Far away like thousands of miles

I don't want to go on. 
These outlandish places never to my bent
I wait
If the wane moon still passes the kisses
The Paris plan still holds on?

We were closing the gates
when the sun just set
watching us move
with that small gap still in town
of life - lives.

Tonight I lie where you stand
never with the thought of 
crossing any more miles
I wait
Till the air becomes one
you breathe in
When distances become just a matter
of books
We wait
I hate
This wait


JohnJEnright said...


Rohit said...

beautiful..your imagination gives life to the lifeless..a good writer you are.