Sunday, August 10, 2014

False alarms (Trick of absurdity)

And here my head is spinning
It's getting all pretty ugly
I see some lame kings and their stupid queens
Which makes no sense to me at all
And there I lie down inside a clock
Ticking away with time
Realising everything stinks 
And we live in tremendous apartments
But it all stinks
And here I'm thinking of a siren
To awake me from this paranoid wreck
Of hallucinations in a silly mind
Why do I feel what's not true?
Why do I land up in planes I can not fly?
We disappoint people with our empty shell fires
I disappoint people with my bugs 
And strange chemical reactions
In my bowl of absurdity
I can not believe my words
And guess you're running out of your surprises too
Don't shake hands, just sit with me
Be silent forever

1 comment:

bhuwan said...

This is the best I've read so far from you.

Keep writing.