Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's do things together

Somersault, let's do somersault
And sing about wizards
Who live on the apple trees-
Let's call them appdardalfs.

Where, where do you disappear.
Let's share our candies 
And watch trains colliding
Such nasty kids we are.

Let's make love on the white sand
Created out of smoke ashes
We wait to die in warm sounds
Of each other's screaming.

We make photographs with
Unknown ghosts on lone roads
Let's print our hearts on paper
Tonight and trade them.

The Khan lives by his judgement
And makes us the rulers of
Bizarre land and gives us
Ivory elephants to ride on.

Let's rage on each other's flame
And stick to our minds' guitar
Let's drive that cheetah out
And turn it into frankenstein.

Kiss me right away and let's talk
Call me by my name and 
Don't you lose your sweat
When I can't afford your talks.

Let's sleep on hot asphalt street
And get our spleen thrown open
When someone axes us both
In the middle of the night.


Dinesh Chand said...

Good to see you write again. Nice one and keep them coming! :)

Monika said...

Much appreciate. Thanks