Friday, November 14, 2014


Favourite October passed by my bed,
no coffee spilled this time
I danced as always, a little shabbily though
lighting the October lights
My hair shone in the dark,
they were sort of stringing the limits of shadows
towards a geometrical plane,
making sense of our darker months
nothing more than a ploy
and I realize aging is a phenomenon
better left to maths,
when I can humor myself with 
dark free flowing poetry,
who needs the world.

Maybe this is time. 
And it's going to be October in November.


Anonymous said...

December is what i dread.The cold freezing everything that once used to flow.

Your lovely october,my october of sirens that i chose to ignore.

Funny,isn't it?

You are lovely as always.

Anonymous said...

Remembering the times when writing means october!!