Sunday, March 29, 2015


You were a miniscule particle.
I could render you into nothingness by just destroying your share of world.
I am the God who could burn you for your desecration.
If I chose to not choke you, and instead nurture your heaviness around me, adopt your sins to free you from the blasting sense of burdens, give you pleasure for you to be able to look down upon yourself, it was just one side of me.  But I'm more than this small part of myself.
I am bottomless. I am inexhaustible. I am the force which runs the universe.
I change destinies. I am home. I am the ultimate happiness.
I am the night sky expanding. I am the light of billions of suns together. I am evolution.
I am the cacophony which deafens orders. I am the music which calm the clamour. I am sound.
I was, am and will always be the center. Of you, Of them, Of everything.

I could have wrecked you. Pieced every bit of you. Violated you till your remains pass into obscurity.

You should thank I forgive you.

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