Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fish man

There's a man who would not look into my eyes
he would walk past my gaze
a little shy, maybe suspicious
turning back, looking at me slyly 
through the corner of his eyes
once, just once
and twice and that's it

Finally he listens to me and finally he is talking,
sign of a comforting second
tells me about his love for fishes
some names who will remember,
not me of course
I like the water lilies better,
screw their scientific names though
doesn't he agree?

We drank to our compliments
almost every night a week once,
opening champagne like monkeys,
drinking cheap wine like drunkards
There's something about his eyes though,
would travel through the sun every time
but look at me
Nothing sweeter than a shy man,
aren't you kind to me?
too kind?

Would you walk into our thick trees when I am away -
hold yourself down into one of those drenches
while no one's looking
sleep the night away and don't be afraid
there's nostalgia and despair and absurdity of everything
and in the morning wake up 
as fresh as you want to be.

For Shurjo


Stupid guy at Hampi... I am sorry :( said...

You should write more . It's not because I am still into you but because I understand sometimes all one needs is time, patience and perseverance. Best of luck. Don't waste your time guessing me for life's bigger than that. And finally I am sorry for everything during our last meet. I really am .

Stupid guy at Hampi... I am sorry :( said...

And u r really awesome. I hope you achieve your goals. Don't let people like me trouble you. And if I can ever be of help, just let me know.. I have a lot to cover up...