Monday, May 23, 2011

The pink lass

Shy, stark naked under the dreams of heaven
the sun plays with its wings
cautiously with
proud, pink, plastic, waves
singing by its face.
Sly owl eyes the softened murmur it
gently spins in the breeze, and
nights seem less heavier with its
lusty stories.
Through the secret window, unfastening
the roots, a girl, a goddess,
 a tigress flows.
When it looks at me with a pupil
golden, the nerves sick,
the lost spine, my limbs suck its
enormous shadows.

Let the eternal wait see an end.

Let this bride see a true spring.

Admiring the extemporaneous beauty of this nature's enchantment, here outside my window, it dawned upon me to pour the pink fair girl into poetry. 


Monika said...

My heartiest pleasure :)

lorely said...

Beautiful pink lass indeed...she sounds much like you! :)

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful Monika, she is just like you. I can see her so clear... Thank you for your beautiful comments on mine.. Susie

Anna :o] said...

Beautiful Monika - Beautiful!

Anna :o]