Monday, June 6, 2011

Hanging terrace

                                                                    Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh
This painting depicts a cafe in Arles,France specifically the Cafe Terrace and today the cafe is called Cafe van Gogh. The style of the painting is unique for Van Gogh with warm colors and depth of perspective.

Where poets meet and the singers set
their opera, that place is my blue terrace
intertwining in it, a web of thousands wordings
under a falling night.

The violin floating, playing by itself
greets the - many faces of love, evolving,
dilating, out of nothingness,
a scantling canvas of everlasting pertinence.

The hanging terrace, my partner, along
with all my fellowmen
dipped in the hotness of a brewing drink
lend each other
a charming smile, some fine glow growing
with time, each passing night.

By a table, cornered, soft and downy,
inscribed the dove scribbling
where young faces, mad and supple
write their lover’s tales
still again,
after a fifty years, holding hands,
under a falling night.


Anonymous said...

Love the setting...

hedgewitch said...

I love the way you make words your own invention, turn them sideways, and let us see all their facets. This is really good. The swirl that Van Gogh so often used is here in the same more subdued form as your chosen picture, and nothing could more exemplify how free verse liberates the poet from constraint and allows words free reign to spark association and connection in the reader. Thanks so much for linking in, Monika.

Brian Miller said...

very all the texture you gave to the setting...some very fine poetics

Anonymous said...

I find the poem a bit of romantics.
It portrays a promise coupled for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Lend each other a charming simile is a great line for a nice write.

Laurie Kolp said...

Vivid and warm ambiance.

Beachanny said...

Oh you're like a circus performer, you catch the ball and walk the high wire here. It's so deft, supple, effortless and yet so charming, so full of ambiance, locale. Here the text works inside the texture as impasto on a canvas. Beautiful! Gay

John (@bookdreamer) said...

warm with colour and with a perspective - clever use of the image

Monika said...

Hedgewitch, words are something treasured in you. Thanks!
Brian Miller, Wolfsrosebud, The texture and setting is really enchanting.

Monika said...

Beachanny, Oh yeah, a circus performer. True, the poem is light, I wanted to weave something supple, exploring the human emotions and romanticism in a thin thread, just meant to be admired and for feeling the warmth. Thanks!

John(@bookdreamer) Thank you so much for dropping by.

Susie Swanson said...

I love it, I am amazed at how you are able to twist words around. It is a beautiful talent..

Andreas said...

Your blue terrace, where poets meet. So that's where we are. I'ts a lovely place :)

Jinksy said...

It's one of my favourite paintings, and your words added their own colours to it...

Susie Swanson said...

I admire this poet's rhyme. Thank you so much, Susie