Friday, June 3, 2011

The sun and the tree

Caressing her instant pride, he looks down sharply,
Do you like me bright or just pink as you, a shy
glance, reflecting his own shadow. Am I too harsh?
There was a silence, an amusing wind, mocking by-
The green chlorophyll awaiting the end and the
culprit, as a lamb, wondering the innocent crime.
Jaws felled; the sly wind passed.

It seems I am a haunting soul, marring your speech,
true, I only see a false gold, but I killed your flowers,
I am gloomy, heartless iron on fire, deep red, rusting
within, I am only a vile, hurting your nimble children.
A loud crackle- earth soiled at the roots, see how dimly
the mighty ball confess the artful guile, much time.
Discomforted;  the silly earth quiet.

She saw a layer of utter remorse upon the lusterless
matter of life, mourning for a subliminal thought,
what a pity- unaware of the goodness, his virginity
harmed and she could only weigh the treasure.
Heightening the tendrils up towards him, she placed
the silk petals on his sullen cheeks, slightly hot, but
enormously hurt, to leave her marks placid.

Look at the little buds, who rise to touch your hands,
every morning, when they want to learn to walk,
how delicately your warmth turns the earth into an
icy blanket at evenings, and pushes me into a balmy
light. The gold you lighten on my branches, is your love
I value, noblest of all, the birth of our souls.


Brian Miller said...

so elegantly written...i think each of us at times could stand to have our eyes opened thus...special words...

lorely said...

You have quite a relationship with nature. Beautiful foresight!

hedgewitch said...

You sew these bits and pieces of lines into quite a splendid garment, multi-hued, shapesfitable, mellow and harsh. It will take me more than one reading to know what I'm looking at, beyond beauty.

hedgewitch said...

"shapeshiftable" not "shapesfitable"

Tracie Skarbo said...


Victoria said...

This is just gorgeous. Something wonderful happens when a poet dares to personify nature.

Susie Swanson said...

Just beautiful, you really know how to personalize. I admire your insight in anything you write. You have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. Susie

Andreas said...

I don't know what it is you do to me; leave me a little flustered perhaps. Your imagery is so daring. Your music leaves me still and pensive, as after a dance; that parting with someone fancied; that going home alone, deep in thoughts.


Henry Clemmons said...

I see elegant has been used already. But your prose flows like a beautiful long dress on a long beautiful woman on the patio of a very beautiful garden.

Jitesh Khurana said...

Its a great poem. I loved reading it. beautiful way to go for a splendid tree. and glad that you finally getting nice readers for your posts.

Sachin Malhotra said...

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