Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hell, reserved

It’s been a long since I knocked myself. The doors, my crazy friends missed me, hope so. Which doors?
The doors to the veils inside.
Am I no more evil, or does it reflect the strange enlightenment I saw in front of my eyes? Sometimes the answers which question your life, get resolved and you have not even a slightest hint. I find this funny, so funny that I just breakdown, so gracefully, so unexcitedly, in what- pearls perhaps, grounded low somewhere in the sands. And the task of collecting every piece so as to again form the lesson of life is tough. I somehow miss one pearl or other. What else I am eventually losing upon, I am not sure of!
I had a low phase, one word that comes up is ‘hell’. Hell ! Exaggeration, huh!Have I visited it, really?I am wondering, what does it mean when we say, “its hell out here”.I am wondering why do I say it.I am wondering is it really hell.
How does a real one looks like?
Who lives there?
Is it severely painful to live there?
I search for hell. They say, you have to die to go to a hell or heaven. I ll prefer hell. But how long do I have to wait for this search to bear a path, to the destination I want.
Final destination!
My friend says that I am too obscured. I feel the same about her, in fact about every person I come across.
I believe the only place where every veil, every obscurity will vanish is hell. I have my algorithms to prove it, but all I am waiting is for the time when I ll bring back the eclipsed moon to life, have my answers to the truth of hell.
Heaven is of no use to me!


richard said...

Great write! Brings up some interesting questions.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Really? Do you so want to be in there? Alone?