Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rectification of the living

And I feel this aches me, the radioactivity around,
the corrupt living, these bootless salad days.
On every road and every corner of this town
as said, were buried blood bodies soaked in mud
stalled by some men’s ambitions  and one man’s futile
lesson. Where did the ambition stop?

Oh poor, poor, it never. And the dirty stream will never!
I see some fat ogres making quick-witted promises but
what hurts me is to see a millions losing their judgement.
You present yourself like a whore to be shredded and
what for? Oh poor, poor, you don’t even know.
They call it the lessons of democracy, I call it the -
Ambition of the Judas’.

We, the insects are so low in this chain, ever since
they set up their civilization and made its bylaws.
The blackened skin, the iron hands, we fear to even kiss
our children, and these futile lessons still want us to
go on and on like a mute servant to death.

I wish to stand on a mountain and shout and when all
the world gather, burn the world of its lessons and ambitions.
And when they confront me with their mystified wrath,
I shall only say ‘Live longer’.

Thursday Poets Rally Week 56.


Ina said...

This poem is very beautiful and "bootless salad days" is a part I will ponder about :)

manicddaily said...

Very intense. Your frustration palpable. K.

Morning said...

love the rhythm and poetic senses in your words.
superb entry.

Happy Rally.

The Orange Tree said...


love it.
you rock.

zenmirror said...

Really powerful stuff, I think I may need to read it a few times to let it sink in

Rohit said...

beautiful..impact creating lines

ilovesaturatedfats said...

i like the part in which it says, 1. 'we fear to even kiss our children..'
2. and 'the radioactivity around..' i, the reader can feel what u do, there..
1.could represent the guilt which has consumed us..hardly because we have sinned, but because of the trials we face because of the times we live in..
2.the anger at our times is very prominent throughout..through anger at people unknown..for their ambitions..for their loss of judgement..(but i would like to know, what according to you would be good judgement)..
and do you think the world could survive without ambition?
ambition leads us to new places.. kills our servitude and thus, helps us to burn to death rather than walk towards it with our heads kept low..
what say?

lonelyrecluse said...

great imagery here, especially the ending, that hit really hard. great read.
The Lonely Recluse.