Friday, November 11, 2011

And my heart cries for the boy

Under the iron railings I spent
this childhood and this life
Accepted the dejections, singing the
lullaby to myself, I never smiled.

A lonely boy in his make believe world
I felt a burning down my throat
and now when he is all in ashes
I feel a chill.

I look at the boy and I want to cry.
For all the things, I ask for a return,
see the metal and reverse the timeline.
Wicked nights with no heads along,
And my heart now cries for a mother
Broken frames with no photographs
And my heart now cries for the boy
The disease howling in some half barbaric air
reminds me unceasingly of the pain
and he fades into it all alone.
And my heart cries for the unsaved
And my heart cries          for there is no return.


Sunakshi said...

Ah this is so sad. :(

Susie Swanson said...

Sad but so beautiful Thank you for this .

JohnJEnright said...

Heart breaking.

Morning said...

powerful writing.