Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I had been busy, really busy after all I am just a kid. I have my issues. But I don’t like it. Writing destiny is hell of a job, I think I am grounded now.
Have you ever felt like just in the middle of something you realize everything’s a plan, a whole intricate, carefully woven plan - against you. You can’t raise your head, you are afraid to look into the eyes, you are in a lockdown! The plan is to cease me from creating. Creating anything.
I ought to listen to omens and fall off, they say. I am not an easy kid, I answer. And then the chuckling, the giggling, the wrath, the red.
I have painted my tattoo and I seriously want to go deep. Revolutions, Rebels, Revelations - all in there, the empire of human mind. This ain’t a crime, this is about looking for yourself. This ain’t defying customs and beliefs, this is about writing your own destiny.

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That gentleman's lady said...

Nothing will ever stop you from creating.


Not unless you choose to let it.