Saturday, December 17, 2011


The water narrowly shedding and filling
the holes like a dancer in brazil

whose tanned legs reflect a soul
nervously watching her with loyalty

and with the same rupture of elation
upon letting a million of souls dance

the rains play.

But very distinctively I keep my eye
on a little girl when she swirls her arms

and count the pieces of limestone
till there is a fluidity in her movements

to make the earth of thoughts, still,
in the bed of naivety and nature

grow and grow.


zongrik said...

i like the image of the dancer in Brazil

Brian Miller said... how you brought this to life...the dancer in brazil...watching the girl as she swirls...the rain letting millions of souls dance...some great touches throughout...

Heaven said...

Very nice flow of words...I can see her ~

kaykuala said...

Sensuous movements are apparent. It happens when rain wet the clothes and rain water mingled with sweat running down the spine!