Friday, December 16, 2011


The decoy’s devoir to protect the corn.
The newly sowed seedlings and the growing
children- the unhuman protects them all,
like a deity who cannot walk but knows
the world and its universe.
This fowling smell adores the ancient rugged
ensemble while the foresighted animals
revise in vogue terror long long
since.. time immemorial.

The farmers hat intact on its head but
there is no unfriendly intent. Sadly
it wards off the friends it makes
as the hat says so.

At night it believes himself into a man
and tries hard to call
back all friends and birds but
no word leave the sewn mouth, and
when it wishes to cry in dreamscapes
no tear wet the eyes more dark
than the midnight dark.

So one day when it comes alive,
who does it walk to?

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