Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The last job

The world has been hard. You agree too? I learn this from here and there everyday. Something occurred to me and I was led to believe ‘change is conspicuous’. People get wrong, I was wrong too. The illusion repeats over and over and we foolishly call it change.
In this mean neighbourhood, no one will change for you and the deep dark man in you won’t let you change.  So why even meddle with the questions? Such is the power of mighty delusions, they don’t let you see clean.
I was a reformer. With wit perhaps. All I wanted was to smell and discern that very illusion we are living in, the roots of which are older than any of us, even the first man and first woman on earth. I wanted it caught between my jaws right at the place it was breeding.  My psyche was to rip out the
devil from its very core existence. But I needed my back. Some of you, anyone of you!
People are awful at listening, much when one defies their mind statistical notions. This is the illusion. The same instability encasing each skin. This figment ruling the minds is way too devious and precise to be even wounded off. After all, each living atom and each whispering nerve has been silently blinded.
You did not stand and I fell.  Why do you always fail?
The devil laughs at me and I am only staring. Now no matter how hard you cry, I won’t take your dirty work again.
Nothing will change until stirred from the very bottoms but I laugh at your blindness.


Rohit Singh said...

The inner core never changes,the outer skin does often does.Masks are put on by many,to match the occasion but it can't fool an eye that looks behind the camouflage of the pretending veil.The real us never changes,but we do make an effort to hide it bu superimposition of fake-ness.

Monika said...

I wish you are true, though what I wish to eliminate is the illusion binding us all - that doesn't let us see what we are - truly, all of us.