Sunday, January 8, 2012

The winter sun

I love winter sun.  It’s more like white moon in the blue misty sky. The dampness around is suddenly warmed. Even though I have to walk closely hugging myself, the skin feels light. There’s something about winters and the white sun at this time that I always feel like capturing them. What then?
Then I would keep them by my side and play. Bathing in the dews one time and drying up in the sun next. The roughness gets washed away. I feel filled.

The absolute contrast of chill and warmth allows me to see freedom in all its underlying senses. Beyond the mandatory path we are all advised to walk upon, I get a chance to slip here and there behind the blinding fogs.  Creating silhouettes and drawing vapours. Its innocent or may be silly. But the clearness makes me want it.Sometimes so feverishly that I feel I am being toyed with. As soon as it notices the layer of annoyance on my pale face, it drops. No, it doesn’t vanish if this is what you thought. It gently drops and rests on my temples.
That is more of a relief. The silky peach color mixed with enormous shades of white sun imposes a grand ease on the skin. So the minor displeasure walks out and there prevails tranquility.
At least till the night covers in.
With the white sun melting, I get scared. If the cold turns on my meekness or the mist engulfs me! The fingers of my hands reddened, unable to scroll the drapery - I don’t look out. I don’t open the windows till I see it dawning back. The winter sun.


Rohit Singh said...

your write-up is indeed profound and skillful.Loved the cold winter picture,you painted through your words.I could visualize.

Ruth said...

Such a beautiful reflection on the winter sun, which I also love. You are an imaginative writer, and I am delighted to read you.

Dave King said...

I loved this. I could relate to it absolutely. The writing is so good, that the ideas have a crystal clarity.

Monika said...

@Rohit Thanks much. I am delighted you liked it.

Monika said...

@Dave and Ruth, Thanks both.