Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to dismantle yourself

If you know your mind can work, you can dismantle it too. I will stay silent, next to you. Watch you evolve. The other day when someone asked one shred of you, you declined but this moment you want to know what’s inside. Is it the end or has it just begun?
If you enquire of me about the nerves or how much blood you have shed, not a word shall be thrown, embrace it. I am here, accept it and no fear will be muddled with then.  These plain white eyes are none of a stranger. You are in kind hands. You are with ‘the creator’.  I won’t entertain doubts not even the mildest one but I shall make you certain about your pieces.
Dear boy, you will never proceed to your manhood until you die, at least once. When you will be struggling through and behind with a dying body, I shall let Zeppelin play in your ear. It won’t keep on raining then. You will be put back. That’s my personal sorcerer you will be dealing with. Just as mystifying as you!
Often you have heard “Its only after you have lost everything, you are free to do anything”, do you want to rise to the fact? With the same ease as you call bringing back home?  With same ease!
Don’t lie dear boy, I know you want it, I know your urge.
And I promise you will emerge dogged.

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