Sunday, February 5, 2012

The world's last standing chance

My child floats alone, in the sea of opinionless waters
She fills the sail and time for the other passing daughters
The four horsemen watches her close with their eyes sour
Talking of the creep she throws, how infectious women are

Oh, child of a mad woman and the man who was so valiant
Listen to the god of the winds who yearns to be pliant
Past this rocky desert skin, show him the gentle, long spring
Direct the sun to loosen up the guns and burn its own wings

There are two worlds and a million oceans like amorphous streams
I have been trying to find the world third, different than my dreams

My child flies, but she promises to shout my songs
All the young shoes walk in steps with overgrowns
She reveals her circular artery, same again and again
I, too start my story straight without my bandsmen

Lets leave no trace for no one to find this family
The smoke covers all, even the gold, indefinitely

1 comment:

lorely said...

I have been trying to find the third world too...I need to believe it lies somewhere within the prayers and writing of the words which seem to disappear into the wind...And even though they disappear I must still continue to believe... and therein is the search.

Beautiful words of awakening!