Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People never give your message to anybody

One day when there will be no words between us
What would I do?
I would stand near your house and stare at the window,
any window but yours
and when I will find someone passing along the window,
I would not look but just jump in

For my sake, be anywhere at the time but that window
For I would only fall flat if I will see you

So, when I would jump in, I will try to look my best
and not make the delicate passer  afraid or shy may be,
then after catching a breath or two,
I would present my message, as simple as it could be
And hope the passer will become my sole messenger
To let my bags drop and to let me come back,
Where- the place we shall decide or may be argue
But I will come back,
as soon as you will come to receive me.

Thinking I would jump back from the window
and hear my messenger murmur –
but I would ignore and happily go back to my house.

Next, I shall wait for years and years
To get my message delivered some time
And when I would get no answer, I will know
“People never give your message to anybody”


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Why not deliver yourself Monika?

Monika said...

I would be just too stubborn to initiate myself.