Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little gifts and songs

The little gifts always matter
The little songs always matter


We are all held together
By the gifts, by the songs

Go out into the woods, go out play in the sea
Listen to the snow melting, listen to the flowers blooming
The birds sing love songs to one another
The ants weave encrypted messages altogether
Go out fly to the zenith, go out dive into the pacific
Sit on the roof, climb on to the ship’s mast
Dance to the number of crazy beast
Count the stars, play with the gold sand dunes
Fill some light into the ancient ruins
Everything is a song.
Everything is a gift.

Everything has a tale, everything is a gift
Everything is a song.


Minko said...

@Monika: Such a happy constellation of lines.
I remember some lines I had written on the back of paper-napkin a few days back; see if you can relate:

"I thought it would work this way
The moment is, that was, gone,
There would
Always be moments—
When a rough kiss could change the world;
Inside the secret cove
of paper hearts
I tremble at the false alarms.

I wander about serpentine streets
Sometimes thirsty and sometimes too full
And feel
The sharp and tender nervousness
Lurking inside the citadel of clever hopes;
I lay my sleeping head
On the table and hear
The murmuring of cloistered water beneath stone-fidelity.

Admirer as I think I would be
Of battles long lost and half-won
I cannot stop
And enjoy the subjugation of ugly faces
For the warped and the waste cling to my raiment
Like playful nuns in a grape-vine;
Their mirth goes forth unto the ends of the earth
And what will survive of us is love.

Minko said...

Of course, I'm indebted to Auden, and Larkin, for the lines!

Sunakshi said...

Beautifully done.
Go out fly to the zenith, go out dive into the pacific...This surely depicts my wish list :)

Monika said...

@ Minko,what will survive of us is love :)

Monika said...

@ Sunakshi, Go now, why wait?

Minko said...

@Monika: Thankfully so!
Otherwise, the memory of living a life would have been a null matrix!

Anonymous said...

May you be blessed with the gifts and songs from the crazy beast!! Definately driven by the feel of oblivion after reading these..

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