Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sad end

Living the big fat lie. That’s all what we do. And after sometime, the demons will devour us.  The demons inside us.
We blame others. That’s all what we do. It’s the easiest lie we can get our hands on.
We hate each other. We thrust this hatred upon everything. That’s all what we do.
We chisel each other off, take hearts and play them over.  
This greed, this selfishness is the canvas which has greyed us all into a blackness we cannot evolve from.


The demons only will prevail.

The end is being written.



Blasphemous Aesthete said...

In brief moments of acute clarity do we realize what we have been doing, and then it is all gone.

What's this life for?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

If the end is sad, its actually not the end. And great thing about being human is the dream, here you always get to write your end.
Rest about life, its about living it. (with a purpose)

Monika said...

Nothing. We are mean, we fight for borders, divisions, power, love, life, assets and what for? Nothing.
There will be no purpose because the true sense of life and world has been corrupted. Long back, for long times to come.

Minko said...

We are mean. We fight for nothing. The world has been corrupted. And yet, there is always something, some little thing, to live for. Naa?

Minko said...

No, you're not losing anything.
Search your pockets, and you'll find some star-dust. Sprinkle it on yourself. And, on the world, on people, on that unknown face by your window, on me!
Things are bad. But never That bad, believe me.