Saturday, August 10, 2013

The legends of Neverland (maybe the absurdity)

The girl lives her dream. The train to the neverland will be here anytime soon. The parody, the paradox, the people leave as they were. You have to leave. The bonds to neverland are meant to last forever, if you believe so. The train will arrive, if you believe so.  Believe if you can.
Neverland writes new tales and anecdotes to brighten dull hearts. There are no sciences, no magic, no ethereal and celestial laws there but a phenomenon which strings contentment with happiness. Do not argue with the agreements of a higher cause. Happiness complements the gratification. Think about it if you can, arguing won’t require the time and space then. If the realization of the extreme beauty of neverland dawns upon you, cherish it. Remember the moment, write about it, rework the sense of notion and collect the time in your hands. You will see how more beautiful and magnificent neverland gets and how deeply you want to believe.

The girl gets everything she ever wished in neverland. It’s the land of dreams of truth. The countless hues spread the unconditional light of love.
She baths in love. The lover is her sun. The lover moves to neverland too. Travel all the way, chase all the shadows and be with her.

The night turns out to be a playful toy in their hands.

He likes it the way of skies. Freedom and the sense of responsibility to protect safeguard. But is there a nemesis? There might be. The rebels may strike anywhere, even in eternity.
My Love should rest in my arms. So, he takes her along.
The fighter plane. With its own mind. That’s how the lover loves her in the sky with no agitation. The strawberries glow on their faces. The mushy love on their lips. The bubble gum tongues revolving, wrapping, consummating neverland around each other. The happiest time in the following of whole state of time ever.

She wishes for mushrooms. However, mushrooms can be rude in neverland. Especially when they belong to the enemy. Enemies make lives interesting. Happiness and contentment remain unaffected, that’s how it works there. But you have to fight enemies. And mushrooms ruin the shy lovers’ aloofness.

The fighter rises. For the sake of kingdom and for the sake of his love. All of a sudden, something vague from the point of sight is seen. Another manoeuvre of the prudent enemy. The lover steps off to give room to the fighter. Lasers fly, distorting the freefalling mushroom’s flight and piercing the bullet eyes. More power stipulations? The vague things get clearer into picture – virulent tables and chairs crushing everything under their legs, which actually are supposed to be only supporting structures.

Its time.

They won’t cease unless they are slit right through their torsos and right through their sleek limbs. Launching beyblades may work but the fighter has to return back to being lover. The strawberries and the girl should not be made to wait. So, instead the lover takes its hold on the most powerful weapon in the universe.

The mighty maudlin beyblade crushes everything that belongs to the enemy, even the enemy if it’s in the closed circumference of neverland.  The tables and the chairs sing their demise. Their sad ending was a matter of joy for the lover for he could return to the girl.

But there was no girl. Just an enemy.


Minko said...

How did you write this?

Monika said...

Through an input (gone now).