Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sketching Boa Constrictors

Two worlds away
or maybe three,
you lived in your light
flickering through a huge mountain
of snow
I caught a sight of you
and I want to fly
with you
right through big clouds and thick trees
in the deserts
invisible to Sarah 
and everyone who don't see
the shower of meteors 
right in the backyard
at all nights
Do I not belong here?
right with you
among the travellers 
of the planets,
while I create playful storms
to blow Sarah's hair  
and wait for you 
to plant flowers 
all around the house
and roads and glass and
trucks and ships and
and we tame mantis shrimps
to play with us when
we jump into water
and color ourselves rainbow and
tickle it, I tickle you,
we laugh till the dead of night
is quickly passed into
another break of light
You are the reverie I am lost into,
all this while
Do I not belong with you?
And I know I do,
the heart sees it rightly,
for all that is essential,
is invisible to eye.

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