Sunday, May 17, 2015

Feminism - All women for all women?

Feminism, you say
this feminism we learn in ambiguity
who we? we women, who we women?
we white women,
we upper caste women
we middle class women, we educated women
we media women, we women who meet 
in big conference halls, we women who say 
we are the new future, we women who claim 
to the right of choices, we women who organize 
campaigns to empower women

empower who women? 

don't question just yet!

we women who live
in our version of reality, we women who only know
a misconstrued utopia, we women who live 
in our small world;
we women
who speak for women, we women 
who liberate women, we women
who make movies and documentaries about women, 
we women, the one percent who represent 
half of our sex - whatever that is, 
we women who understand women

understand who women?

the women who live on other side of the world,
women we have never met or seen or whose lives
we never lived through,
women we want to discipline,
women we want to show what is being women
women we know who are foolish to not rise against violence - 
how difficult can that be?
women we hear who suppress their dreams
unlike us
who contrive and reach our skies,
skies - women whose skies are black,
women whose world is black
these women we want to train at being 'women'
these women we want to school about menstruation and its taboos
these women we want to instruct about their sex lives
these women we want to authorize about rearing their toddlers
these women we want to indoctrinate feminism in

oh that word again!

shhh.. pause.
these women we want them to judge their labour economically
these women we want them to demand their equal rights

and most of all,

these women who we know nothing about
these women whose lives we cannot imagine
even in the darkest of our dreams
these women whose circumstances we can never understand,
the circumstances which make an alternate reality impossible
these women who we claim to represent but 
who are really an empty category in our fight
for feminism,

for feminism is our dominant sphere
where we demand equal rights for women - 
who women - white women, upper caste women
middle class women, educated women,
media women

and we are here to speak for all women

we don't know how women who were married off at ten
and violated the same night live each day
but we will shout about exercising our sexual choice
we have no clue about how she was forced 
into producing five children
but we will outcry about our right of reproductive choices
we cannot see how this women was made to quit school
for the sake of her brother's status
but we will glib about our right to universal education
we have not witnessed her dreams being crippled
with the cries of society and honour and shame and what not
but we will make our shallow calls of rising against the tide

we don't know how half of the world functions
behind our eyes
but we will cover that up with our occasional conferences
and discussions and coffee table chats and newspaper 
editorials and media bullshit
and feminism rants

wasn't feminism about questioning the social reality -
social reality of all,
equal rights whatever they are - 
equal rights for all
wasn't it supposed to be all women for all women
and we are not even talking about men here.


Vaibhv Chauhan said...

Amazing women!!

GoldFish said...

I agree! Sociology becomes her.