Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Remember me in the mist of wonder
when the silent night will cover for you the agitation of time
and look at me in the naked moonlight
while you stretch your arms to reach my presence
softly -
writing me a letter or singing me a song in that silence
walk towards the other side of the road,
cross the bridges
shed your skin and escape the air,
almost there
almost to me.
Or not.

I am saving a small patch of land
putting together some crops and a house
to call our own
yes I am dancing the time away,
the earth beneath my feet moving
towards you
but my pockets are empty and I left the world far behind
there are strangers, only a lone comfort
in your photo
do I find you in the New York city
how do I reach another place of a thousand new faces
talking to me in words
I don’t understand-
they ask me to wear my love up on my sleeves
and speak to some intelligent man
who knows your address
who will bring me close to you
in return, I have to lay out my winter clothes
and walk a distorted path of thoughtless world
in never-ending rain
Soaked and dried of sun
it has been some time and some promises

and so I am cold and I am in doubt
what is love and who are you?
I dream about myself standing in front of your window
almost envisioning me inside
and I don’t know if you would let me in
I don’t understand hope.
Should I stop for I don’t know the way ahead
buy some cigarettes and pause my longing
Should I walk back for there is no light
left in my raincoat
it is tough, my limbs ache
the heart complain
the city casts its shadow on my lonely path
what is the love we speak of
in the matters of dark and sullen time?
or the bright memories
now tucked deep into one corner
revisited only at the times of convenience
I don’t even know if you remember me in the mist of wonder

I am in doubt and I am in pain
but why do I forget that rain is the truth-
ripened and swelled
and that love is binding
the one thing covering the ambivalent night in quiet
warming the earth beneath my feet
swarming heart with a power
to make a kingdom enormous
I look around to wash the haze
and clean the murkiness
to find fondness
almost calling me
almost raising me above the shadow of the city
strengthening limbs
the only feeling in the thoughtless world otherwise

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