Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Overfriendly dreams

Almost midnight child
time to choose your dream,
enter the disco walls
prepare yourself to show off to the self-satisfied
gentlemen and ladies,
sweetly walk to the edge of the dream,
look beyond, it's the golden sand,
toss it into the eyes of the men,
spare the ladies
but they are watching you closely
frothing at their mouths
did they distract you
move on,
you have a cruel night to pass

do you like sailors and the ocean?
the ship is waiting to take us
to another world
climb on to this one now
the ladies are long gone,
start over,
a pensive, melancholic music wrapping us
into its covers
head spinning into a blinding light
we give birth to a city,
another world 
but we are still running
as we have always been,
haunted by the sickness of life,
pulled in and out, the fuzzy palace 
of sheer madness,
the smog of boredom,
over-educated brain,
mean children,
none of the puzzles fall into line

we move on to another dream.