Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Reading out aloud in a grim weighty tone,
some no non sense news,
my lovely, lovely young lover
awfully hailed “I have a thought”!

Guard my secret that it got me scared,
straight to the feet, in a single pass down,
the tiny eyes like some humming bird
flashed, figuring the mischief of the lightening

“What do you look for now?” my agile
heart asked. The fancy logo, the grey cloud,
the gold mine or the saxophone in
your throat?

“You jeering at me, I see”, annoyed and
excited he lifted the words and then
leaped upon me like a predator hunting
its pray, acute and furious.

“Come, lets die” his carved face so lusty
“I want a tasteful of hell” he shot his
thought, made me fall, piercing deep
into the ground with a whim.

“Dear boy, don’t be so sure that hell only
 is earmarked for ya, might reserved heaven?”
 the pride in my witful answer, but
 all there was a shrewd smile.
“Buried secrets!”

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Celestial Dreamz said...

a brilliant write ... loved your blog.